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Finding My Aloha: A Journey of Self-Discovery in Hawaii

Updated: Apr 5

This year has been a whirlwind for me, with my full-time commitment as a live-streamer consuming around 10-15 hours of my day just to make ends meet. However, the grind wasn't enough to keep me afloat financially, so I made the tough decision to step away from streaming at the beginning of this month in search of alternative income streams. Starting over has become somewhat of a norm in my life; it's no longer daunting but rather an exciting adventure.

Reflecting on my mental state, I once believed I struggled with depression. However, recent experiences have led me to rethink this notion. I've come to realize the profound impact that our environment and the people around us can have on our daily mood. Distancing myself from certain individuals has remarkably shifted my perspective and lifted my spirits.

Taking a much-needed break, I embarked on a solo trip to Hawaii for my birthday, allowing me the space to reconnect with myself and ponder over my aspirations. It was during this journey that I made a significant revelation: my happiness isn't dictated by others' opinions or expectations but by my own autonomy and self-discovery.

Hawaii, with its unexpected serendipities, mirrored moments from my past, including revisiting places from my first marriage. Amidst initial bouts of anxiety and doubt, I found solace in the tranquility of the islands and embraced each day as it unfolded.

Meeting inspiring individuals along the way, like the photographer's wife, Tarah, reignited my creative spark and reignited my passion for writing. I've resolved to finish my book—a project I've been nurturing for years—and share my story with the world.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties, this year has also been marked by personal triumphs, from starring in movies to embarking on memorable photoshoots. Each experience has reaffirmed my resilience and reinforced my commitment to self-growth.

As I look ahead, I've decided to relocate to Hawaii temporarily to focus on my writing and continue my journey of self-discovery. It's a bold step forward, driven by the newfound clarity and purpose I've gained from my recent adventures.

In closing, I'm immensely grateful for the friendships forged, the lessons learned, and the unwavering support of my fans and loved ones. Life may be unpredictable, but I'm embracing the journey with open arms, eager to see where it leads next.

Until we meet again,

Blessed be!


Kandie Angel

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