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2021 Escape: The Whirlwind of Life's Changes

Updated: Apr 3

Upon my arrival in Las Vegas one Saturday afternoon, the scorching 115-degree heat hit me like a furnace. Unlike the humid weather in Florida, this dry heat was oppressive, feeling akin to a blow dryer aimed at my face. With a two-hour wait ahead before I could check into my room, I took the opportunity to grab a bite with my son, who had to return to work shortly after. Once settled in my room, I picked him up again, and we spent some quality time at the park. The following day, I visited my son's house, where we indulged in games all day. He introduced me to Virtual Reality for the first time, an experience that left me exhilarated. Watching John expertly navigate VR, along with his friend Logan's graceful movements, was like witnessing art in motion. Later, John and I immersed ourselves in a computer game called "It Takes Two," losing track of time until exhaustion crept in. As he headed to bed, I prepared to depart for Arizona.

Upon reaching town, instead of stopping by my aunt's place as planned, I decided to head straight to Needles to reunite with old friends Jimmy and Tyler. Despite my initial apprehension about visiting my hometown, being with Jimmy immediately lifted my spirits. Laughter filled the air, and for the first time in ages, I felt truly carefree. Reconnecting with lifelong friends has a unique way of transporting you back in time, erasing the years that have passed. Over the next eight days, I savored every moment spent with Jimmy and his family, relishing in the comfort of familiar faces and shared memories. As my departure loomed, I spent my final night reminiscing with Jimmy, cherishing the simplicity of just being together. Reluctant to leave, I impulsively extended my stay, opting to return to Havasu with Jimmy instead of heading home.

Reflecting on the past weeks, I realized how much joy I had rediscovered and how it helped me move on from the pain of past relationships. Spending time with Jimmy allowed me to focus on myself and break free from the cycle of turmoil. Returning home, I resolved to prioritize my well-being, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and self-care. Back to the routine of daily life, I found solace in returning to work and recommitting to my health and fitness goals. Determined to prioritize my own happiness and fulfillment, I'm grateful for the clarity and peace I found during my vacation.

In the spirit of newfound consistency and organization, I aim to share monthly updates through this blog, as I continue to navigate life's journey with renewed optimism and self-assurance.

Until next time,

Blessed be!



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