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Kandie's Daily Routine: A Glimpse into a Typical Day

On a typical day in my life, it all kicks off with the familiar routine of waking up and taking my dogs outside for their morning bathroom break. If my son has school, the day starts with dropping him off before anything else. Otherwise, I dive into my usual morning ritual. While the dogs do their business, I seize the moment for a quick bathroom trip myself, multitasking by checking messages and catching up on what I missed during my slumber in my luxuriously cozy king-sized bed.

Once the furry friends are back inside, I head to the kitchen to prep their dental sticks, ensuring their breath stays fresh. Then it's time to dive into the digital realm—I kickstart my day by snapping and sharing pics on Instagram, checking messages on my OF page, and making my morning calls. A chat with my friend Wiley is a staple, followed by a motivational session with Adam to navigate the challenges of everyday life.

With the social obligations met, I embark on my cleaning spree. There's something about a pristine home that sets the tone for the day, so I mop the floors, tidy up the counters, and wrangle the scattered dog toys into submission. Back to the digital grind, I tackle emails and messages until my eyes beg for a break.

Switching gears to my laptop, I lose myself in the world of video and photo editing, ensuring my content remains consistent across platforms. But even in the midst of this digital hustle, I make time to reconnect with nature—playing with my dogs outdoors and soaking up some much-needed Vitamin D.

When the online world starts to blur, it's gym o'clock. Physical fitness is non-negotiable for me, a daily ritual that keeps me feeling and looking my best. After a satisfying workout, it's back to the digital realm for another round of emails and messages.

As the day winds down, I make sure to carve out time for relaxation. Whether it's a trip to the park with my pups, scrolling through social media for inspiration, or enjoying a nutritious meal, self-care remains a priority amidst the chaos.

Throughout it all, my faithful companion is Mary Jane. As a long-time advocate for cannabis, I find solace in its calming embrace, alleviating pain and settling my stomach. Morning chats with fans offer a glimpse into the real me, beyond the curated facade of social media.

Contrary to popular belief, my life isn't a whirlwind of excitement. I cherish my solitude, finding comfort in the quiet moments spent with my dogs. Evenings are reserved for unwinding in front of the TV, a simple pleasure in an otherwise hectic world.

As I touch down in Tampa after a shoot in Denver, I look forward to returning to the sanctuary of my home. Despite the busy schedule, I'm grateful for the opportunities that come my way. Stay tuned for updates on my website—they're bound to be extraordinary.

Until next time,

Blessed Be!

Kandie Angel

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